From Ewe to You

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My Mission

I created From Ewe to You in 2009 after seeing a homeless man on the side of the road one winter day. I was only 13 but even then I was bothered that while I had warm clothes, food to eat and home to return to that day, this man was surviving with little more than the clothes on his back. That night I researched the homeless statistics and couldn't believe how high they were. I vowed at that moment to do something to help anyone in this situation and when I watched my mom crocheting the idea for From Ewe to You was born. I learned how to crochet and four years later From Ewe to You has helped close to 20,000 in shelters, hospitals, animal organizations.

I set out to help others, but never expected to learn so much from this experience. First of all I learned that if I educate people about the problems and needs in the community, they are more than willing to help. From Ewe to You could never have been so successful without the support of thousands across the nation and to all of you I give you my heartfelt thanks! By far, the greatest lesson I have learned is even one teen can make a difference. To those who say, "I'm one person- what difference can I make?", I offer up my favorite saying "the power of one outweighs the power of none". I try to encourage other youth to become engaged in community service by reminding them it only takes one person with one idea to become the start of something wonderful. It is my goal to work to unite and empower youth across the globe through community service. Let us all work together to create a better, peaceful world. We all have the power to be the change we want to see!